EDI Service Bureau

A Full Function EDI Service Bureau

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We are a provider of high quality EDI consulting and systems integration services.
Providing a full function EDI service bureau.

All solutions are custom designed to meet exact requirements.
Let our experience implementing successful EDI projects over the years go to work for your company today.

  • Send and Receive your internal proprietary formats for ALL documents, single pipeline for ALL data, regardless of its origin or format.
  • Customized mapping to your or your trading partners specifications.
  • EDI to FAX document processing.
  • Fax (form) to EDI conversion.
  • Conversion from your internal codes to EDI standard values.
  • Bisync auto dial/auto answer.
  • SNA/SDLC APPC auto dial/auto answer.
  • ASYNC auto answer.
  • Leased line connections available.
  • Direct communications to trading partners and all major VANs.
  • Trading Partner roll out programs.
  • Systems Integration.
Management and
Administrative Services
  • Functional Acknowledgement reconciliation and management.
  • Complete management reporting.
  • New trading partner initiation, set up and implementation.
  • Complete document cycle management, standards compliance checking and creation of functional acceptance/rejection advice.
  • All solutions are custom designed and priced as required.
  • We conform to YOUR requirements, not ours.