Electronic Data Interchange

EDI Evaluations
Not doing EDI yet?
Need an expert to help build your care to management?
Let us review your operations, make recommendations for cost savings and operational efficiency using EDI technology.

Mapping Support
Let us build your maps.
Lets face it, given enough time and money anyone can map.
ECS maps every day, we can take this task from the shoulders of your busy internal staff.

Ongoing Support for Outsourced EDI
Do you really need to staff another EDI position?
Let our full time EDI staff manage your EDI needs.
Our experts will work as your staff.
We have the experience to make your EDI support painless.

Communications Support
Having trouble with Bisync, SNA, RJE, TCP/IP, IBM MQ Series, FTP
We have the experience to solve ALL your iSeries communication needs

Testing -- Communications testing -- Trading partner rollouts
It's likely we have already done EDI with your trading partners.
Let our broad industry experience speed up your EDI implementation.

Systems Integration
We implement popular AS400 Translation software to your applications software.
Custom written or 3rd party package.