AS400 Trace Route (Tracert) command


Thanks to Bryan Dietz at the 3X Corp for this code.

The zip file contains:
  • a save file at V4R1+
  • a read me file
  • the C source code

Bryan requests if you modify the C source code that you notify him at

AS400 IFS Directory (DIR)


An AS/400 directory program that will list the contents of an IFS directory to the screen or an *OUTFILE.

Thanks to Peter Connell for this great utility.

Build FTP Script files on the Fly


A code sample that consists of a CL and RPG program that lists the file names in a library and creates an FTP script on the fly that will either GET or PUT the files to/from the FTP server.

The programs are provided as example shells only. Please modify them as you see fit.

CHGLIBOWN - Change Ownership of all objects in a library


This command will allow you to change all of the objects in a library to a new owner, and also allow you to set how *PUBLIC authority is handled. Contains one CL program and one command. Download the .zip file and it contains a readme and a save file. Questions about this utility can be directed to Carl Galgano.

Determine if a program is in the program stack


Thanks to Tim McCarthy at TrailBlazer Systems for this
utility. The zip file contains both the source and object code.

Active X 5250 emulator


This code was sent to me from Marc-Antoine Ruel from the mail list server. This Active X based 5250 emulator can be deployed in a web page so users can access your iSeries without the need to have a 5250 emulator on their PC.  The zip file contains a cab file and 2 html examples of how to deploy the code.

Retrieve the IP address of a PPP connection

View the code

This program will retrieve the IP address assigned by an ISP when the AS400 makes a PPP connection to the Internet.

Thanks to Art Tostaine, Jr. with CCA, Inc.

TCP/IP Stack for DOS


Zip file contains readme.txt with install instructions.



An API that allows batch jobs to work with interactive screens on the AS/400.

Thanks to Albert York