EDI Consulting Services, Inc.

Let us simplify the EDI mystery

Established in 1990, EDI Consulting Services has been providing high quality solutions for many types of businesses. Specializing in AS/400 programming, hosting and integration we can help you with all your technology projects.

EDI Solutions
EDI is an acronym for Electronic Data Interchange. It is a paperless trade exchange that allows common business forms such as purchase orders and invoices (transaction sets) to be transferred using electronic file standards. It replaces mailing and faxing with computer to computer communications through Value Added Networks or direct network connections. We can assist in setup, programming and maintenance of your EDI needs. If you don't have the resources or desire to do EDI for yourself, we can help there by acting as the service bureau for your company. Please follow the above link to learn more.

Custom Programming and System Integration Services
As specialists in AS/400 (also known as iSeries) systems, we provide custom programming for both EDI and non-EDI needs. Our staff will help with all aspects of your programming projects from project management to writing code. We can specifically assist with EDI integration to your current system, writing the interface to move your EDI standard data into and out of your particular package. We can also provide system engineering to take manual processes in your production cycle and turn them into automated and electronic tasks.

Networking Solutions
With specialization in all forms of electronic communication, we can help you with your networking needs. Whether you need help with a three PC network or a nationwide Wide Area Network, we can provide expertise in multiple areas. We provide solutions for Cisco based networks, firewalls, anti virus solutions, spam fighting solutions, custom PC builds, phone systems and server management. We can help connect your computers through high quality premise wiring customized for your building. Radio Frequency equipment is also and area that we can help you utilize for inventory management or production tracking.

Data Center Co-Location Hosting
Our data center, located in Marietta, GA is fully equipped and protected environment for your mission critical servers. Whether you simply need a space for your servers or full management of your equipment including hardware/software maintenance, we can keep your machines running our facility. At the heart of this facility are two air conditioning units, two power generators and fully redundant connections to the internet featuring multiple T1's from multiple vendors. Your data will be safe and available at all times in our center.

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